Yes, Tormachs cut titanium. People seem genuinely surprised to see it. And they cut stainless and hardened steel, too. Don’t forget tool steel, aluminum, plastics, wood. Whatever. Tormach was founded on the idea that affordable, capable CNC tools should exist that are easy to learn and use.

PCNC 770M Mill

The PCNC 770M is designed from the ground up for maximum versatility in a small CNC mill. It is designed for the materials you cut the most: aluminum, light metals and plastic with enough horsepower to tackle the harder stuff when needed.

PCNC 1100M Mill

The PCNC 1100M is an unrivaled combination of performance and affordability. It offers the precision to do real work and power to cut the toughest materials – stainless, titanium and pre-hardened tool steel.

24R CNC Router

The 24R is a computer-controlled Router that is designed to accurately cut a variety of materials, including aluminum, plastics, wood, and more. With an advanced control, rigid cast-iron bed, welded-steel stand, water-cooled chiller, integrated vacuum table, and more than a 2’ x 4’ work envelope, this router is the perfect choice for all your 2D and 3D cutting needs.

8L CNC Lathe

The 8L CNC Lathe is compact and designed for prototyping and light production.  The 8L provides an affordable and approachable lathe that allows any user to quickly machine parts without advanced CNC training.

15L CNC Lathe

The 15L CNC Lathe is a compact slant bed lathe designed for prototyping and specialty manufacturing of turned parts. It is loaded with features and options, including standard conversational control, rigid tapping and configurable tooling and work holding.