Matter & Form

V2 3D Scanner

Matter and Form 3D scanners effortlessly blend the elements of STEAM to empower students on their creative learning journeys. The scanner measures physical objects and turns them into 3D models. Then print the models on any 3D printer. Matter and Form offers standards-aligned STEAM projects which allow students to practice problem solving.

V2 Features

• Translated in 9 languages

• Best user experience

• Education-friendly price

• Compatible with all 3D printers

• 65 second scans

• Automatic multiple scan alignment

• Compatible with all 3D modeling programs

• Supports Windows 7, 8.11, 10 (64 bit), Mac OS 10.11+

Discover how the Matter & Form scanner can work in your STEAM classroom!

STEAM Projects

All STEAM projects are included with the purchase of a Matter & Form scanner.

Click here to learn more about these projects.